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The Real Estate Studio | Dunes Properties

Dunes Properties, the client for this tenant up-fit, was interested in developing a real estate office that has the feel of a lounge, a place where people could come in, check their e-mail or the ballgame score and view the property available in the local real estate market.

The space was stripped down to its original brick walls, which were left natural. The floors and ceiling were lightened to carry the natural light from the storefront as deep into the space as possible. The ceiling has continuous cove lighting set in a curved mesh arch to accent the daylighting. The client area was broken down into three seating groups with flat screen televisions that show virtual tours of local real estate. A frosted glass wall in the rear portion of the space separates the realtor desk area. The overall result was a light and airy space with clean modern lines set within the backdrop of a beautiful historic interior.

The Real Estate Studio